Foreigners and stateless persons  are admitted for study to obtain a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree in accredited specialties, with complete general secondary education.

To admit to the university foreigners and stateless persons should pass entrance examinations(interview) on competitive subjects, approved by “Admission pharmacy” for the current academic year under the legislation in power.

Foreigners and stateless persons personally submit a personal application for the name of the Rector and a questionnaire of the standard pattern in paper form to the admissions office.

Upon application,  Foreigners and stateless persons submit applications and the following documents   :

1) document (original and copy) of the previously acquired educational (educational-qualifying) level, on the basis of which the introduction is made;

2) the application (original and copy) to the document on the previously acquired educational (educational-qualifying) level (degree), on the basis of which the introduction;

3) an academic certificate issued by a foreign / Ukrainian institution of higher education (in case of transfer or renewal for studies, starting from the second academic  year);

4) The original and a copy of the documents, which contain information about the content of the curriculum upon the degree (level) of higher education, received credits, the duration of training and performance in courses, in the absence of this information in the appendix to the documents on education;

5) a copy of the passport document of the foreigners  or a document certifying a stateless person;

6) a health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine;

7) 4 photographs in the size of 30 x 40 mm;

8) a copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (upon the existence);

9) research proposal on selected scientific specialty or duly certified at Foreigners and stateless persons’  places of work / study, the list of published scientific works and inventions in Ukrainian or in English in are submitted additionally for admission to graduate school.

To be admitted to the doctoral program, you should give additionally the following documents  in  Ukrainian or in English :

  • thematic plan of dissertation work for obtaining a scientific degree of the Doctor of Science;
  • a copy of the diploma on the award of the corresponding degree;

10) admitting to to the training programs of academic mobility, foreigners and stateless persons should  submit documents, approved by rules of admission to higher education institutions and / or provided the requirements of international programs and / or contracts , where the academic mobility is realized.

The documents specified in subparagraphs 1 to 5 of this paragraph must be translated into Ukrainian with the notarization of translation.

The documents referred to the subparagraps 1 – 4 of this paragraph must be certified in the country of issue in a way that is officially used in this country for this certificate, and legalized by the respective foreign missions of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine.

Foreigners and stateless persons’ admittion under the pre-university education program of NUPh, for studying the state language and / or language of instruction, is carried out on condition that they have complete comprehensive secondary education received outside Ukraine.